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Student Outcomes
Fall ECA Algebra Passed 2013  
Fall ECA Algebra Score Improved 2013  
Fall ECA English 10 Passed  
Fall ECA English Score Improved 2013  


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  • They are a great asset to these students… I would hat to see any of our building not this wonderful service next year. It would be detrimental to our online students.

    - Elizabeth, Online Education Specialist
  • I use the tutors in my class as a small group to focus on students who are exceling and students who are struggling… They aren’t afraid to ask questions, seek out help from myself or the tutor. And their class scores have increased as a result of it.

    - Justin, Math Teacher
  • This year, we’ve benefited tremendously from having their help with ECA prep. They’ve pulled students individually, as well as worked with groups within class periods; to make sure students are hitting the standards they need to hit in order to pass the test. It would be a great loss if we were to not have them again next year!

    - Kelly, English Teacher